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3 Exercises To Lose Weight During The Holidays

3 Exercises To Lose Weight During The Holidays

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While the holidays are coming, it is likely that you will go away from home to enjoy with your family or friends. The only problem: How to stay in shape, and lose weight during this period? You certainly do not have the place to bring a yoga mat or dumbbells in your suitcase, and probably do not go either, sign up for a gym or on-site fitness classes. Do not worry, we have the solution to continue exercising and lose weight without any equipment. How? Using your own weight as a tool! Discover here 3 simple exercises to lose weight without taking anything with you (Find more about our application)

  1. Balance workouts are very effective for weight loss and muscle building. The first is very simple. Stand upright, arms stretched along your body. Raise your leg and left arm as high as you can without the right side of your body moving. Change direction, and repeat 10 times.
  1. For this second exercise, you will need a bench or a coffee table.

Sit on the front of the bench, place your hands in the back, palms turned towards the ground, then put your heels on the ground. Then, move slightly into the void so that it is suspended on your hands and feet and then pull. Repeat in series.

3) Finally, another easy exercise to do outside the gym is the board. The board is ideal for slimming and muscle building. It requires many different muscles simultaneously: those of the shoulders, abdomen, legs and arms. How to do? Lie down on the ground, tiptoe and stand on your elbows so that they are at a 90-degree angle to the ground. Keep this cladding position as long as possible. Try to keep a little longer with each new exercise.

No need to bring your dumbbells or go to fitness classes on vacation, just combine these 3 exercises to a balanced diet and rich in protein, and you’ll be sure to lose weight while enjoying your holidays

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