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How to choose your web provider?

choose your web provider

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You have discarded the solution of the website creation software and want to have a custom website made? The choice of the provider is THE key factor of success! Before contacting agencies or freelance web, it is strongly recommended to write a brief or a specification if your project is complex. This will allow you to get accurate quotes, which is obviously essential to make an informed decision.

Suppose your brief is written, you know exactly what you want and you have a budget idea. How to start from now? Obviously, the simplest is still to apply on La Fabrique du Net. Depending on your needs, we will select for you 3 serious and adapted providers. How would this happen without La Fabrique du Net?

The search for the ideal agency or freelance

Naturally, the search for the ideal provider takes a different form depending on your needs, and especially your budget. If your budget is less than € 1,500, it will be difficult to work with a serious web agency, but freelancers can meet your needs. From 1 500 – 2000 €, some web agencies can create custom sites correct, but it is necessary to consider more than 10 000 € to consider a site very simple showcase with a high-end agency. Take a look at our directory of web providers to get a more concrete idea.

Target adapted providers

If you are looking for a freelance

Outside La Fabrique du Net, there are many platforms for connecting with freelancers. We could mention,,,, etc. Most of these platforms allow you to obtain quotes from freelancers who are more or less selected according to your needs. The other way is to market yourself by sending an email describing your need to freelancers you have selected yourself. A simple search on Google or, and you get dozens of profiles. Selection can be time-consuming, but it’s the best way to target providers who have the skills and credentials you’re looking for.

If you are looking for an agency

Apart from the Fabrique du Net, there are quite a few web agency linking platforms. One could nevertheless quote ProgOnline or 123Presta. To find the ideal agency, the methods are numerous. Obviously, word of mouth is very often used, even more today when a request on social networks allows you to solicit your entire network very quickly. To target more, the best technique is to identify websites close to the one you want to achieve, and look for the name of the agency that made it in the footer or the legal notice. You can always send an email to ask the company for the name of the provider. And of course, there is the classical method,

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