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How To Fight Against Strees And Winter Deprission

Fight Against Strees And Winter Deprission

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There are almost no more leaves on the trees and the days are becoming shorter, cold and dark. In one way or another, the winter climate affects us all, whether in the form of small moments of depression or stress. In this article, we explain what are the factors responsible for this phenomenon and how to reduce its influence on our body.

Spend more time outdoors
Even if the weather does not invite you out, it is recommended to do some physical exercise rather than spend the day on the couch. Get dressed and go out, especially if it’s a sunny day! The sunlight is a little bluer in winter and it is this light that makes us feel awake (e). In addition, our body absorbs vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. It makes us happy and helps us to chase away stress!

Keep moving!
Resist the temptation to spend the day in front of the television and enjoy sports. Without any equipment, you can go for an early morning jog! Physical exertion improves our natural defenses and prevents us from getting sick. It also has a positive effect on mood, we forget the stress and anxiety of everyday life! Another good way to stay motivated is to join the gym because you can find a variety of equipment to practice many types of exercises. Group classes allow us to meet new people and motivate us to get out of the house!

Eat healthy
Enjoy your free time at home to cook healthy and balanced dishes, especially in this cold season where you tend to do less sports. In addition to being a good habit to adopt, cooking your own dishes has anti-stress virtues!

Adopt the positive attitude
Try to keep a positive attitude, for example by writing the good things that happened during the day or your plans for the next vacation. You will be able to remember what makes you happy and what are your goals for the future.

Leading a healthy life is intimately linked to our mood and happiness. Thus, to fight against the stress of everyday life and the depression of winter, take good habits by promoting a balanced diet and do not stay locked at home!

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