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How to find the Christmas atmosphere that suits you

find the Christmas atmosphere that suits you

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The countdown to Christmas is just launched! Bring the magic of Christmas to your home! But how ? Because it is not always easy to imagine a Christmas decoration and holiday table consistent and really like you, and Centrakor help you to see more clearly!

You are rather Christmas nature

For you, Christmas is the smell of the tree, the hot chocolates coming back from the picking of the pine cones, the pretty light of the candles and the natural colors …
Your favorite material: wood! Whether for your Christmas balls, table decorations, hanging decorations or crowns …
What we have spotted for you at Centrakor:

  • the heart to hang in driftwood at 12.99 * euros that will remind you that what matters most at Christmas is to be with people we love;
  • the little wooden fir tree with bells at 4.99 * euros which will be perfect surrounded by a few candles in the center of the table;
  • the small wooden crown, 20 centimeters in diameter, at 2.49 euros *, all alone, hanging on a door, it will be very elegant but you can also adorn it with a beautiful ribbon!

You are rather traditional Christmas

Christmas, for you, it’s full of childhood memories that go back! The socks hanging from the fireplace, Santa Claus who forgets his hat in the middle of your little shoes, carousels, automatons and other reindeer ears. A playful Christmas!
Your favorite colors: red and green, of course! Red like Santa Claus and green like Christmas tree.
What we spotted for you at Centrakor:

  • the Santa Claus candle at 1.99 * euros, fun like anything, it will be appreciated by grown-ups and children on your Christmas table, until the real Santa Claus comes to the end of his beard;
  • the batch of 5 red balls at 1.49 * euros, a pleasure at a small price and who will be able to highlight your beautiful Christmas tree;
  • the suspension rocking horse at 2.49 * euros, to remind you of the Christmas of your childhood!
On the mantelpiece we leave a jar filled with barley sugar (9.99 euros at Centrakor) while at table, we dare the red

You are rather white Christmas

For you Christmas, it’s the snowy landscapes, the timeless chic of the white, the small animals of the forest and the pack ice, the sparkles that sparkle … The magic of Christmas!
Your favorite season: Winter under the snow
What we have spotted for you at Centrakor:

  • the reindeer lying all white at 24.99 * euros which will be of great elegance under your tree waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus;
  • the 4 rounds of 1,99 * euros rhinestone napkins that will illuminate simple white towels;
  • the white snow mats 2.99 * euros that will be very useful to hide the foot of your tree or to welcome your beautiful Christmas decorations!

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