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How To Focus My Reserch?

Focus My Reserch

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Looking for a beginner drone you have to know what you want to do with it. Do you rather use it outdoors? Indoor?
Do you think rather shopping with your friends? Or take photos of our beautiful French lands? Anyway, there are some points to think about.Indeed, the implications of buying a drone are not the same as when you buy small cars being younger. If only by price, it is important to choose the model that suits you best.
That’s why it’s best to think carefully and think about what you want in the future.Quickly find our article ”  shopping guide: choose my ideal drone  ” taking the various types of drones that can exist on the market (Class, family …).


“A lot”, everything is relative. Sometimes, some cheap drones are sold with a multitude of options that in the end are too complex or simply failing.

That’s why I advise all beginners wanting to embark on the piloting adventure to opt, without conditions, for two very practical options.


This mode is very interesting because it is a real help of piloting assistance. It allows the drone to stabilize and maintain its altitude once the user releases the throttle stick. This will allow the beginning to separate the two joysticks but also to avoid losing control in case of panic.


To put it simply, this is the “return to the house” roughly translated. This option is ideal for a beginner drone because if you lose the drone of view, you only have to click on the button RTH (provided to have respected the process of pairing with the starting of the drone). The drone will return to the same position as it starts without even touching the radio control.

This option exists under a different name but does not work exactly the same. Here, we are, for the RTH, on a GPS connection (thus satellite). The other option that is called automatic return is related to the waves of your RC thus bringing it back not to the place of takeoff but to the place where the RC is.

The presence of a radio control to control your drone is not automatic. Indeed some drones are driven only by smartphone. This is very convenient because you do not have to carry the radio-command in addition to your drone but to start it is better to opt for the RC. Some models of drones are controllable by smartphone but offer you to buy an optional radio-control. This allows you, for example, to place your smartphone, with the image back in a virtual reality headset. Thus, you enjoy a feeling of immersion flight.

The same goes for the camera, some models may not have and others will have them, have a HD or VGA camera. The camera is useful if you want to use video feedback.
Speed ​​is, as we all know, a question of relativity demonstrated by the famous E = Mc2 formula that we owe to a great man. (Albert Einstein)

More seriously, very common to our drones, we generally offer an option to choose the maximum speed of the drone divided into 3 modes. The first (mode 1) will be the base speed, the second (mode 2) offers a little more speed and the third (mode 3) will propel your drone to the confines of the universe.

This option is also interesting by a logical aspect due to the speed. Indeed, when the drone will be in speed 3 mode, orders will be very sensitive. The drone will be much more responsive to changes in trajectory making it much more player.

Otherwise there are drones that are just starting to emerge for us, consumer users.

These drones are almost always radio-controlled. Also equipped with an onboard camera (rarely in FHD) to have a direct and fluid video feedback thanks to the FPV mode. (First Person View – First Person Vision).
I speak of these because yes, for some, the speed of a drone is important.


The robustness of the latter will in no way depend on the amount invested.

Indeed, in the term “quality / price”, the quality will not necessarily take into account the robustness but rather the proposed options, the duration of flight etc. By that I mean that a drone 9000 euros will not be more resistant than a drone starting at 90 euros (it’s even rather the opposite).

We must be aware that it is not necessarily toys as mentioned above with the small car of our childhood that we could throw down the stairs but devices (nuance between toy) with embedded technologies making the whole of a drone not, I would say, fragile but exposed.

This is also why drones are generally equipped with propeller protections to reduce this exposure.


If I can give advice and more importantly, it is NEVER panic when a loss of control. So yes there is the stress, the utter anguish to crash your little toy but panic will not help.

By panicking, I speak for example off the RC in midair thinking that it will solve the problem while no. The drone will continue towards the last indicated direction and will see for real this time, the confines of the universe.

Understand also that it certainly risks to have more disruption according to the altitude of the drone and it is not because the drone does not go to the desired place that one must lose his temper.

One thing too, when you pick up the drone on the ground, put the RC on your side rather than keeping it in your hand. The goal here is to avoid fooling yourself by activating by mistake.

One last thing, legally a drone is piloting the age of 14 years. Below this age, it is not advisable to leave the drone in the hands of the child. But in which case it is always necessary to assist an adult.

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