How to play Cannon Ballz

1. Turn on your webcam & allow Flash to access your settings.

2. Prepare your gameplay area. Here are some tips:

  • Put the webcam in a position so that you can play from about 5 – 7 feet away
  • Be sure that there is nothing moving within your webcam’s field of vision (for example a TV that’s on, a friend that’s in the room, or anything moving behind you)
  • Look around, if there’s stuff you may hit your face on, or slip on, move it. Zugara is not responsible for any injuries you may sustain while playing Cannonballz.

3. Choose whether or not you want to play utilizing your Facebook credentials/friends

  • If you are not logged in to Facebook your score will not be recorded

4. Play The Game

  • Dodge the Cannonballs being shot by the Pirates
    • -500 (decreasing value with time)
  • Save your friends by touching their Icons
    • +1000 (decreasing value with time)
  • Keep moving or points will be deducted
    • -1000 points (after initial warning)
  • Play as long as you can
    • +24 points per second
  • Get ready for your “Game Over Photo” when you lose your 3rd life

5. Post your information to the leaderboard and your “Game Over Photo” to your Facebook Wall
6. Play again and try and top your last score!