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How to save space in the bathroom?

save space in the bathroom

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I just noticed that I had not written about the bathroom for a while. It must be explained by the fact that I have very rarely access to a bathroom worthy of the name (the joys of nomadic life and sobre! Lol). In short, today, I will make up for lost time and we will take a closer look at saving space in the bathroom.
I rarely have customers complaining about having too much room in their bathroom when I was an interior designer. On the contrary, I know many people who would not say no to a little more surface in the pond. Casually, it’s a room in which you spend time every day and that does not evolve easily, because the plumbing works repel a lot of people. It is understandable, when we do not know how to do plumbing, we appeal to a pro and suddenly, it is more expensive. In this article, I’m not going to talk about plumbing, but I’ll try to give you ideas to save space in the bathroom, without breaking the bank!

Sorting in the bathroom

Before thinking about the furniture or replacing the bathtub with the shower, the first thing to do is sort. No need to keep the bottles empty of perfume, if they are beautiful, showcase them in a showcase in another room, but the bathroom should not be cluttered with useless objects. And if you keep them as a decoration, it is possible to find less bulky alternatives and that will not take the dust unnecessarily.
For very small bathrooms, we must find the essentials and what we use every day. If you run out of space, it is best to store the bath towels and towel in another place – and possibly throw away the excessively worn bath sheets. I understand that it is more convenient to have everything at hand, but if you want to have room, you have to do it. Ditto for the laundry room, it may be better to find him another place, even if it is above the washing machine. The less storage you have, the less furniture you need and the more space you have to go around the bathroom.

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