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Renovate a small outdated bathroom

Renovate a small outdated bathroom

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Transforming the small bathroom of an old apartment into a comfortable, modern place requires ingenuity. And when you combine reduced space, outdated equipment and technical constraints, nothing beats the advice of a professional to find the best renovation solutions and establish a realistic project.

The problem

The idea is to optimize the space of this small bathroom of about 4 m² whose wall is occupied by a window. Apart from decoration, nothing has changed since the seventies. The hoof bath is neither practical nor comfortable, the shape of the washbasin prevents the installation of a more spacious furniture and the antique blower placed above the mirror is more dangerous than functional. The modernization of the room is essential and would offer a better comfort on a daily basis.

The feasibility of the project

This bathroom deserves to be redesigned and renovated from floor to ceiling. But for a question of budget, the bias is to replace only the least functional elements, without touching the decoration. To find out if such an option is possible, go to the web site of Lapeyre, the specialist in the layout of the house, which offers a multitude of solutions for the bathroom – among others – and had the good idea to create a section Answers of experts. The principle ? You send your planning question via the form available in the section and each week, Lapeyre experts share their answer to the most asked question. And, sometimes, just take a look at a second section, named  Expert Words, to find the answer you are looking for among the tutorials explaining step by step how to do some work.
Facilot bathtub replacement

Adapted solutions

While browsing through these sections and exploring the online catalog of Lapeyre, solutions have caught our eye. In the first place, exit the bathtub hoof thanks to the replacement of Bathtub Facilot. And, with a glass shower screen, this will visually enlarge the bathroom. Then, washbasin and vanity unit can be replaced by the Rio model, saving space that allows the installation of a storage column instead of shelves. Finally, the dryer towel dryer option is definitely what it takes but a little tour in store is needed to see if there are several sizes. The project is becoming clear, business to follow!

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