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Secrets Of Atlantis, The Latest Game Unveiled By NetEnt

Secrets Of Atlantis, The Latest Game Unveiled By NetEnt

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The autumn has arrived, but for the game editor NetEnt this does not mean the stopping of creation and presentation of new games, quite the contrary, since it is just today that his new masterpiece is released a superb slot machine called “Secrets of Atlantis”. Yes, the theme is the mythical island of Atlantis not far from Greece, which, according to legends, would have been engulfed in antiquity. Up to the present day there has been a continuous controversy between those who firmly believe that Atlantis existed and those who no less firmly deny its existence and think it is a legend, a myth or simply a fiction. In any case and whatever the opinion of these protagonists, Atlantis has always made and still dreams and it is clear that a game plunging the players in the depths of the ocean to discover a city under – mysterious marina engulfed for millennia, can only entice the amateurs of extraordinary adventures. Like all the works of NetEnt this one is of high quality as much for the graphic as for the formidable soundtrack which marries extremely well with the mysterious submarine atmosphere. The game includes 5 reels with 40 paylines on 4 rows and its payout rate is still one of the highest in this area, just over 97%. With its shells, turtles, crabs, emeralds, sapphires, octopuses or even rubies, it is certain that the adventure is worth it. One of the special features of this new game is that it pays as well from right to left as from left to right, which is different from most other slots. Other excellent features await players like the Highlight feature that highlights rolls, if it’s 3 the player automatically receives a re-spin during which the 3 center rolls turn into one huge symbol. There is also the Wild symbol of course and it is a very nice siren that represents it, and it maximizes the chances of the player to find winning combinations. Once again NetEnt leaves players delighted with a wonderful new slot machine, which is already certain is that it will be among the favorites in no time.

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