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Virtual Reality Is Incorporated Into Casino Games

Virtual Reality Is Incorporated Into Casino Games

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For a long time now we have been talking about “virtual reality”, a subject that is of great interest to gamers around the world. Indeed, what more exciting than to participate (almost) really to a thousand and one fantastic adventure? Enough to put the mouth of all those who love imagination, action, supernatural, strong emotions and everything that goes with it, goes far beyond the online casino that you can find on . But in fact what is virtual reality? It is a way for the player to perceive an artificial universe very similar to the real world, in which he can act interactively with the characters, animals and environments to which he is confronted. Using new technologies for synthesis of images and sounds, it is now possible to create alternative universes in games with a specific number of computer-programmed actions in order to provide players with auditory, visual and even visual sensations. to touch. Needless to say how much this can make the games even more interesting than before. It was at the famous ICE conferences in London that the subject was discussed in depth, as was the case last year when Netent, Microgaming and Pragmatic Play, three of the world’s most famous game publishers, presented their advances in the universe of virtual reality. Microgaming can already be successful in this field by taking up the challenge and combining a game of roulette with virtual reality, the prototype of which was demonstrated at the same ICE 2016 conference. This is a new selection of virtual reality gambling games with real money. This formidable innovation called “VR Roulette” opens the way to the future and shows the way to others. It is a 3D game that is played with a game helmet Occulus Rift, a kind of big glasses, through which the players can see on 3600, which will allow them to immerse themselves completely in the game. Currently for the ICE conference of this new year, we hear rumors about one of Netent’s most famous slot machines, the famous “Gonzo’s Quest”, which could well be adapted into virtual reality, which excites the spirits of the fans enormously games as well as those of virtual reality. It is already certain that the future is rosy for virtual reality, judging by the success of the first experiments that have already taken place in several countries. The iGaming industry is in turmoil on this subject, which is not surprising at all since virtual reality games will in all likelihood be the most sought after and appreciated by gamers. Microgaming and Netent are certainly not the only ones to make great strides in this direction and a good part of the programmers and game publishers are trying their best to be among the first to offer their creations in virtual reality.
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