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Website creation or redesign How to choose your provider?

Website creation or redesign How to choose your provider

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A Web agency is not chosen lightly. Learn to differentiate them and find the one that will meet the needs of your company. Reactivity, availability and good communication are the factors to be observed first.

If you run out of time or do not have the skills to choose a good provider, you can always go to a consulting firm. Admittedly, the costs will be higher but this strategic choice guarantees you some credibility of the Web agency .
If you are looking for a web provider, it is certainly in order to be present effectively on the Internet. It is not enough to be content with any turnkey website that many web agencies offer; the one I am talking about must be well studied, adapted to your job so that it generates qualified traffic and thus be able to hope for a return on investment as quickly as possible.
First, you need to identify your needs in the smallest detail. It will be necessary to carry out a careful research in order to be able to select the web agency that will best meet your expectations. The purpose of this article is to highlight the essential qualities required of a web provider that you should know to avoid any risk of misdeal.

The choice of provider is a strategic action of utmost importance. It requires some basic knowledge of the client at the level of his project but also at the level of web agency services. From this choice will come the success of the project and the satisfaction of having matched his project to the best possible option. The goal is to make a winning investment and ultimately be satisfied with the product .
If you do not feel able or if you do not have time to do this kind of work, keep in mind that you can always hire freelance consultants”or service companies to select the best provider for you according to your criteria (budget, technology, planning, etc.).

Some resort to a friend, neighbor or relative. But if you do not know anyone? In most cases, we go to the most popular method: search engines and especially “Google”. Just type a keyword on this search engine to get an infinite number of results. The plethora of web agencies that appear could be a handicap in the sense that we still do not know where to turn. Indeed, the ranking on Google could suggest an excellent quality of the services of a provider, but it is not inevitably infallible.A good ranking can only be the result of a very good SEO of the site. Indeed, most people tend to focus on the first search engine result and conclude that it is the best provider. In fact, Google is not able to identify the quality of services; it can certainly assess the quality of a website, but can not – at least for the moment – judge the value of the service provided. To know for sure if the web agency offers a quality service, it must meet a few specific criteria. The company, must present a good design to show all the legibility of its site.If it is well worked, it has several features available quickly, then we can conclude that the agency is developing well. Beware of the salesmen who answer you that they are the most badly shod cobblers and check for yourself the references of the web agency that you target.
For that, it’s very simple, go to the website of the agency and click on the heading “Our achievements” or “Our references” or “Our portfolio” and check that the sites displayed are real and always in activity (accessible online). Then you must quickly find the legal notice page in which the provider should be mentioned. If you do not find it, it’s because the web agency is not very aware of the legislation. If you find it difficult, you can conclude that ergonomics has been poorly studied. A clue nonetheless, often this page is accessible through a small link at the bottom of the page (footer).


After selecting two or three providers, call them to provide you with a contact email address. You can then send them your specifications . Some web agencies also offer in their contact form the possibility of adding an attachment, which facilitates the work.
This entry will allow you to discover the offers of the company. The next step would be a physical meeting, or alternatively a telephone interview with the company representative or a qualified salesperson to present your project, but also and especially for  advice. At that time, depending on certain criteria you will have a pretty good idea of ​​the agency.
The directors of the web agencies are all human beings and as such, they surely have different psychological profiles and different approaches. Nevertheless, the first contact will remain of paramount importance. Those you can trust and therefore ensure that your project will be in good hands must have some essential qualities:  responsiveness ,  availability  and  good  communication . The professionalism of the director and his involvement are generally convincing indicators of the rigor and expertise of his agency.
During the first meetings, you can expect to be directed to what these professionals consider to be the “best solution” to carry out your project. Rest assured, you will always find differences between the agencies: a good web agency communicates its know-how, it helps the customers to fix their choices and to identify their needs. It also helps them to identify the basics needed for the smooth running of their project and to have as much information as possible. Incomplete information at the beginning can lead to a loss of time and a return to square one; which is never very pleasant.

The whole thing is to ensure the credibility and seriousness of the agency by asking various and varied questions:

  1. Have they already made websites in this sector of activity?
  2. What are the average budgets for this type of project?
  3. What are the deadlines?
  4. What solutions do they offer?
  5. My specifications or my need is complete and did you understand?

If the sales person you have on the phone answers “yes” to each question without asking you, it is rather bad sign. This can mean several things:

  • He tries to shorten the conversation because he thinks that the project is won – and in this case, you can be sure that the final product will not meet your expectations, or at least not in your budget ,
  • He did not understand your need and does not try to understand – in this case, you will have an unfinished product, and for which it will be necessary to put the hand to the wallet to have a product which corresponds to the idea that you had it .

Personally, as a manager of a web agency but also as a consultant, I pay particular attention, usually at the end of the interview, to reformulate the need to make sure that I have understood it correctly. Sometimes branding / customers correct me by expressing their needs differently, but only in this way can we be certain of the result. The sales representative must ask you questions even if you think that your project is very simple to realize or understand.
Following this interview, correct your specifications or rephrase your need in writing.Finally, have it validated by the manager of the agency. Indeed, a commercial or a project manager to his own vocabulary (often technical), it is necessary to agree and write the various points exchanged during this interview to avoid surprises.

Customer service 

You have the right to ask questions and ask for explanations as many times as you want. Depending on the responses and the availability of the sales department, you can get an idea about the quality of the service of the company and the importance they attach to the quality of the product.

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